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Newsstand is a service established to specifically deliver an ethical online reputation management service for valued Nigerian companies by providing the tools and technology to enable responsible officers of these institutions to take control of their brand equity.

The internet has grown and is still growing with new technology and progresses. Trying to protecting your good name or brand seems almost uncontrollable and impossible with the speed at which the news either positive, neutral or negative goes viral online and via social media platforms, forums and blogs.

We are dedicated to monitor your reputation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We provide comprehensive solutions to promote protect and defend your online reputation using innovative techniques.

Our services

  1. Online Reputation Management

  2. Online Reputation Monitoring & Control

  3. Online Reputation Building


Our online Reputation Management solutions will promote a positive online image to anyone looking for you online and eliminate the impact of damaging reviews, articles, comments and any other negative content.

For public officials, job seekers, businesses, and even private citizens, online search results can be enormously important. More than ever before, consumers are turning to online reviews and comments to inform their decisions. Whether you are a business or an individual, what the internet reveals about you could prove either a major blessing or a fathomless curse. The first step to proactively defending your good name is simply knowing what people are saying about you and this is what Newsstandng monitoring services is all about.

Thanks to the rise of social media, the increased prevalence of mobile technology, and the continuing reign of Google, information has never been easier to obtain than it is now, in the Digital Age. Consumers eager to make informed purchasing decisions can locate product reviews with the click of a button. Employers, meanwhile, can evaluate job applicants without even having to glance at a resume, simply by conducting a Google search. This abundance of information may seem like a boon, and in many ways it is—but of course, it comes with some significant downsides.

The biggest downside is simply that people can write or post whatever they like on the Internet. Having information about your company, easily accessible via online search, is helpful if that information is uniformly positive; when a brand becomes weighed down with negative reviews and consumer complaints, however, it can prove detrimental. Likewise, individuals whose names are attached to embarrassing photos or scandalous news listings face daily embarrassment, to say nothing of professional consequences.

To empower individuals and companies to once again control the way they are presented on the Web, Newsstandng is devoted to working with clients to help them monitor, manage, and control their online image. These services are tailored to meet the client’s individual needs.


Build Your Reputation
Newsstandng delivers powerful online Public Relations solutions for your business. We offer a variety of proven solutions to build your reputation and business online

Search Engine Optimization
We identify your most important keywords, benchmark against your competitors and develop a successful SEO strategy to achieve page 1 ranking for your business. Sound simple? It’s not. Let us explain how search engine optimization really works and how you can avoid the biggest mistakes most companies make online.



No two clients are the same and reputation management issues may vary wildly depending on the background of the individual or the nature of the business in question. As such, the company proudly implements all of its technology and services in favor of custom-designed, made-from-scratch action plans, tailored to meet the particular needs of each client.

High End strategic intervention are for individuals or corporations that have highly public profiles, and require around-the-clock attention to their reputation management needs. These customizable plans are based on significant research and analysis into the client’s specific needs, and include not only an array of online reputation defense tools, but also full control of media narrative, through national news releases and 24/7 reputation monitoring.

Managing your reputation is the more proactive approach while reputation control is reactive. If a negative listing from before rears its ugly head again or someone starts attacking you again, we can quickly pick up right where we left off. Over time, managing and controlling your reputation should become easier and easier.

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